It's time to stop equating professionalism with dress codes, skin color and testosterone.
It's time to realize that anyone can get an MBA with enough time and student loans.
It's time to put people over profits.
It's time to separate bosses from leaders.
It's time to stop worshipping brands.
It's time to replace governance and ethics with right and wrong.
It's time to realize that the streets and the suites have a lot to learn (from each other, too.)
It's time to stop living and working in boxes, checking off boxes, staring into boxes, fitting into boxes, and wondering why we can't think outside of boxes.
It's time to stop serving money and making gods.
It's time to get back to reality and out of Reality TV…

It's time to KNOCK THE HUSTLE.

KNOCK THE HUSTLE: How to Save Your Job and Your Life from Corporate America is part-exposé part blueprint part streets-to-suites diary. KNOCK THE HUSTLE combines a lifetime in the streets with a half-life in what's arguably the most influential, misunderstood yet corrosive business in Corporate America—the advertising industry.

KNOCK THE HUSTLE is everything you should've learned in business school times everything I hope you never have to go through. It's a journey, a blueprint, a playbook and a reporter's notebook. KNOCK THE HUSTLE presents insights you can't get from teachers or gurus, confessions that even the guilty won't cop to and strategies that only veteran players know to be true.

But most importantly, KNOCK THE HUSTLE is a much-needed tool for getting out from under. And what does that mean? Well, if you have to ask, you're probably not ready.
Developed By: The Takeover Group